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Double Manual French Harpsichord after Goujon 1749

A fine example of the full blown French

harpsichord developed from  antique Flemish

originals.  Very popular for full repertoire with a

flexible, clear resonant tone, making it the ideal

concert instrument.   


Double manual, FF-f3 chromatic, 2 x 8 + 1 x 4′,

shove coupler, buff to lower 8′.

Plain lacquered case work in a choice of colours, tripod stand, integral music desk, black wood naturals, bone topped sharps, wooden jacks, voiced in delrin.

The instrument lends itself to a variety of

sophisticated eighteenth century decorations, as

well as elements of the seventeenth century in the

form of Flemish papers on the key well and rim (as

on the original 1748 Goujon) and often in


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